About Us....

When I was a child, I suffered from bad bouts of eczema. Because of this, I had to use a bland soap. Plain, white unscented soap, day after day, after day for years.  

It wasn’t until I discovered Granny’s linen closet that I learned not every soap was like that bland scentless, colorless soap. In that closet, on the third shelf, was an old round cookie tin full of different soaps that she got on sale at the local discount retailer where she shopped, or in her Eastern Kentucky lingo, “traded,” weekly.  The loot would include every brand of soap imaginable. So many smells, so many colors, so many shapes! Dial, Zest, Dove and Yardley; little soaps in the shapes of flowers or shells for just “company use”; and even Jean Nate from Avon. I was in heaven. Each time I visited, I would take a moment to enjoy the linen closet’s treasured soap tin.

Later in life, a soap purchase from a farmers market really got me thinking about sharing my love of soap with others. While I enjoyed this vendor’s particular recipe, I wanted to make something myself that conjured up memories of my Granny’s variety of soaps, as well as serve the purpose of gently cleansing the skin with as many “good for you” ingredients as possible. For the past few years, it has been fun experimenting and having family test my recipes. They encouraged me to turn my hobby into a business. So, here we are.

When I decided to start this journey, I thought, “Where did all this begin?” It began with my Granny’s (Audrey’s) soap tin – there was no better name for the business!  I hope that you find the same enjoyment from our vibrant colors, fragrant scents and unique shapes as I did once upon a time visiting my Granny’s linen closet.